Report at 400pm. From the intersection of Bay Area Boulevard and Middlebrook Drive to Clear Lake City is passable. There are some large puddles and ponding of water. From Middlebrook Drive and Clear Lake City Boulevard the road is passable to El Dorado. El Dorado is passable to Space Center. Space Center is passable to NASA Parkway. From Space Center and NASA Parkway to beyond Egret Bay is passable.

From the intersection of Space Center and Bay Area Boulevard, Bay Area Boulevard is passable. Some traffic lights are out on Bay Area Boulevard.

From Bay Area Boulevard, down Middlebrook to Space Center is passable. Space Center Boulevard has some pooling of water in the low-lying lanes but is passable beyond El Dorado.

Saturn Lane is flooded at both ends. The Main entrance to JSC is flooded. Use Gate 3 off of Space Center.


Road conditions can change rapidly. Be aware of your surroundings and drive safely.