From our Spaceflight Meteorology Group: The NWS Weather Prediction Center has JSC included in an area of MARGINAL (2%) risk for excessive rainfall on Sunday. As of now the heaviest rainfall totals look to be north of the area but JSC could certainly see some heavy rains and possible flooding particularly on Sunday between 6AM and 6PM. Total accumulation of rainfall in the JSC area from Saturday through Monday morning should be in the 1.25 to 1.50 inch range. Isolated totals of 2.5 to 3.0 inches are a reasonable worst case. At these forecast rain rates and accumulations flooding on site would be minor. Interesting to note that around this time of year the average daily chance for rain is declining yet the conditional average rainfall amount is climbing. In other words, it won’t rain often, but when it does, it could be heavy.

JSC is also at risk for severe weather, with the highest risk expected Sunday morning. See the NWS Forecast from the morning of March 31