To All JSC Civil Servants:

The Center plans to operate in the usual Flex Friday (weekend mode) on Friday, February 9, 2018. Should a lapse in appropriation occur Thursday evening, we are allowing your supervisor the discretion to approve shutdown activities via Work from Anywhere (telework) on Friday instead of requiring these activities to be performed on site. Please reach out to your supervisor if you have questions as to his/her expectations for how you may conduct shutdown activities on Friday if it becomes necessary. Also, please ensure that your timesheet in WebTADS is complete through Thursday, February 8, 2018.

We want to remind you about the JSC People Furlough page at where you can view the latest Agency & Center management information about furlough planning, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, travel instructions, and preliminary individual instructions through Thursday. Should a shutdown occur, we encourage you to monitor for Center status and the “Additional Information” menu in the upper left corner for access to much of the helpful information previously available thru the internal JSC and NASA furlough websites.