JSC Today Special: Center Reopening Tomorrow

The Center will reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 5. For civil servants, if you are unable to return to work on Tuesday, please coordinate any special circumstances you might have with your supervisor. For contract personnel, if you are unable to return to work on Tuesday, please coordinate any special circumstances you might have with your contract management officials.

For those who have children enrolled at the JSC Childcare Center, it will also reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Be careful when driving into work tomorrow. Some roads on your normal route may still be blocked or have standing water and you may need to find an alternate route. (You can check major road conditions at http://drivetexas.org.) All gates are back to their regular hours and operations.

Our Center Operations Directorate continues efforts to clean up JSC so that the Center is ready for employees to come back. There was significant flooding during the heaviest rains, but the main campus buildings did not flood. A few buildings experienced some roof leaks, resulting in water in some offices. Additionally, the Sonny Carter Training Facility was hit especially hard with rising water. The cleanup is progressing quickly, though, and everything is expected to be ready for tomorrow, although some significant workarounds may be required.

While the Center Operations Directorate team has done a great job getting the center ready, there are some safety tips you should remember:

There can still be debris on the ground, sidewalks, parking lots and streets. Be careful where you walk and drive. This debris can present slipping and tripping hazards. Our pebbled sidewalks can be slippery when wet. You are encouraged to wear closed toed, flat shoes, with flexible soles your first day back just in case.

High water will drive critters (rodents, snakes, insects, ants, etc.) to higher ground, and they could be inside your building. Be careful when moving boxes or any item that a critter could be hiding in or under.

Do not touch or approach anything that looks like electrical or structural damage or wetness.
There could be fallen ceiling tiles in your area, do not attempt to move. Let Center Operations move all debris.

Report any odors or significant visual indications of mold/rot.

Emergency assistance is available by calling 3-3333, or 281-483-3333 by cell phone.

Report to the JSC Clinic for any potential injury or illness symptoms.

Remember to play it safe, especially if you suspect asbestos debris in your office area.

Hazardous Material Spills -avoid broken containers, knocked over gas cylinders, broken gas lines.

Chemical/Nitrogen Alarms- if you have an alarm that is sounding or the alarm is off, Do Not Enter. Call the Safety and Health Operations Center to come and clear area with a meter.

Notify your Facility Manager if you observe any concerns in your workplace, they should have a list of work orders/rooms that were cleaned or had issues. Normal work control systems will be in place, work orders may be called into Work Control Center x32038 but good idea to talk to FM first if possible.

Good idea to start the day with a safety review, discuss any issues found, any workplace concerns. People have been working long hours and we need to be especially mindful of that.

In the coming days and weeks, as we get back to work please continue to support our JSC team members most affected and continue to reach out to the community – people you may or may not know – with reassurance and kindness.

Brought to you by JSC External Relations