There was a non-NASA aircraft mishap at Ellington Field this morning.

Because of the mishap, the airfield at Ellington Field is currently closed, and it is unknown when it will reopen.

We have evacuated Hangar 990 because of its proximity to the crash site.  No NASA personnel were hurt, nor was any NASA property damaged.


Because of the nature of the mishap, employees should avoid travel to Ellington Field in the near future. Authorities have closed Genoa Red Bluff Road from Highway 3 to Space Center Boulevard. The situation is being managed by HPD and the Texas Air National Guard and JSC Security is on scene assisting. Evacuation areas and road closures can change as the scene is evaluated throughout the afternoon. Any employees in the immediate area should follow instructions from the on-scene Incident Command personnel. SCTF is not currently in the evacuation area, which is located at the north end of Ellington.


We will post updates as the situation warrants.