I hope that you had a nice Holiday break.  As you know, NASA is currently affected by the partial government shutdown.  You should have been notified of your current exempted status and civil servants received an email from Bob Gibbs giving you some details on how to proceed (Click here to read the attachment).  Contractor team members, please check with your supervisor for approved work.

NASA has tasks that must continue even with the shutdown (e.g. supporting the ISS on orbit crew) and these tasks have been the basis of determining who is exempted.  If the shutdown persists, the list of exempted tasks could change and the agency has a process by which these are reviewed and approved.  Your supervisor should let you know if your status changes. For civil servant employees, we ask that you make sure to record the hours you work during the furlough on webtads.  Use the charge numbers you would normally charge for those activities.

Also please continue to check this website (jscsos.com>Furlough Information) to see the latest status and to find other helpful links such as the link to the JSC credit union which is offering no interest loans to members who miss paychecks caused by the furlough.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  It is our hope that this shutdown will end in the near future.