JSC team,

Unfortunately, at this moment I don’t have any updates on when the shutdown will be resolved.  Continue to check this JSCSOS.com website daily.

Personally, I’ve been at NASA through three of the longer government shutdowns.  Each impacted me differently because of varying family situations, health issues, job at that time, etc.   I mention this to let you know that your leadership understands that this can be a very difficult time for some of you.

Some of you might be having trouble supporting your work tasks and finding the time to deal with the burden imposed by the furlough.  I sent a direct note to the NASA civil servants about how we would like them to bring these issues up to their supervisors so we can work mitigations.  For our contractor family, I know that each contractor team will have their own process for working these issues.  We appreciate very much the dedication of the folks who have been asked to work (and often work long hours) during the furlough.  The NASA team’s dedication has never been at question.

To make things a bit simpler, I have decided (starting Tuesday 1/22) to implement “free range” parking for the duration of the furlough.  Basically the same parking rules that apply for our Flex Fridays.

As always, thank for your dedication to NASA and our great country.