JSC is open.

There are still some power issues at Ellington Field and Sonny Carter Training Facility.

Your safety and wellbeing continue to be our first priority. Please continue to update your supervisor about your status.

Telework and the use of annual leave are supported. Please work with your supervisor to determine your work schedule and location. Civil Servants who do not have power, have unsafe conditions at home, and/or cannot relocate should coordinate the use of XLV61 with their supervisor. See the JSC Personnel Handbook and refer to the Telework and Weather and Safety Leave sections for more information. HR will provide specific guidance on WebTADS via an HRMES email message later today. Contractors should coordinate work schedules with their companies.

Check road and traffic conditions before travel. Be careful when reporting to site. Traffic signals are still down in some places. There are no flooding concerns in the JSC area, but debris could still pose dangers. Minor hazards may exist in buildings.

The Gilruth will continue to serve as a resource for employees and their families for charging stations, showers, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi for NASA devices through Friday, July 12th. Gilruth hours are 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Collaboration areas across site will also be available for employee use.

Additionally, our Employee Assistance Program is available and can provide resources to help navigate next steps.

Continue to check Inside Johnson and https://www.jscsos.com for status updates.