*******EXERCISE! EXERCISE!*************


Consider how you would account for employees and communicate after a storm passes.

This brief damage report may offer you more detailed talking points.

You may want to expand the damage report for your building or organizational area to trigger specific instructions.

Discuss what you would need to aid recovery in your area, and who would be responsible for reporting and working issues.


Hurricane Fabrication has made landfall.

Damage to JSC is as follows:

Power is down and is expected to be intermittent over the next few days.

Minor roof damage is widespread through site, and debris from trees litters the grounds. A few trees are down in various spots around site, but no roads are blocked.

As damage assessment begins, operators report more extensive roof and window damage to B13, B15, B17 and B21 has occurred, possibly from a small tornado.

SCTF and EF have reported minimal damage, mainly minor roof and door issues.

No flood damage has been reported, but we expect reports of water damage from leaking roofs and windows will continue as we work recovery. 

 This is the last email regarding the exercise.

Please provide feedback to the JSC Emergency Manager, Linda Spuler, at linda.m.spuler@nasa.gov.



*******EXERCISE! EXERCISE!*************