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 Please forward to the appropriate people in your organization:

 JSC Center Operations has declared Hurricane Preparation Level 4 in anticipation of Tropical Storm Pretense.

 Currently Pretense is a Tropical Storm with winds at 40 mph, but current forecast calls for the storm to strengthen, and the projected path shows JSC at potential risk from hurricane impacts later in the week.

JSC has declared Level 4 (Center Preparation) effective immediately. Since the storm is already in the Gulf and we are in the projected path, please begin Level 3 tasks in parallel with the Level 4 preparation where possible.

 Level 4 preparations require organizations to begin tying down or moving all loose articles inside.

If your organization needs assistance with this task call the Work Control Center at x32038. (Please utilize your own resources to move articles, and only rely on Work Control if you cannot move something safely.)

 Refer to the Facilities Management Operations Division (FMOD) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For Hurricane Preparation (https://stic.jsc.nasa.gov/dbase/dis/jsc/JSC-66007_2023_FMOD_Hurricane_SOP.pdf) for a full listing of Level 4 tasks.

 If you have any questions regarding the SOP or related tasks, you can call the Communication Unit leader Ken Chevalier at x33177.

 Consider planning for potential power outages now; if the storm impacts JSC, cooling and power may intentionally or inadvertently be shut down.

Remember storms are volatile and conditions may change rapidly. JSC management will continue to monitor the storm and send status updates as necessary.

 Weather forecasts and the latest advisory information are contained in a separate email you should receive from the Spaceflight Meteorology Group via the JENS (from jsc-smg@nasa.gov) and posted on www.jscsos.com.

******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************