***EXERCISE! EXERCISE!********************

At 4AM CDT, Thursday, category 3 Hurricane Fabrication was located at 27.3 N 94.2 W or 160 miles SSE of JSC, moving NW at 21 MPH. Maximum sustained winds were 120 MPH.  Recent data from hurricane recon aircraft and Doppler radar are suggesting that Fabrication is beginning to weaken slightly but will remain a dangerous storm as it makes landfall on the Texas coast near the Matagorda /Galveston county line around noon today.  Buoy 42035 offshore of Galveston was already reporting average winds of 47 knots with gusts to 60 knots.  JSC Building 30 reported a maximum gust of 42 mph just moments ago.   Winds will continue to increase at JSC this morning to the 50 to 60 mph range with some hurricane force gusts of 75 to 85 mph possible between 10AM and 4PM.   Given the small size of Hurricane Fabrication and fast forward motion storm surge in Clear Lake and near JSC is forecast to be minimal.  Some water is likely to cross NASA Road One near the Hilton hotel bringing some shallow water to the trees on the southeast side of the complex.   A few tornadoes in the feeder band moving ashore could occur in the JSC vicinity later this morning.

Monitor the latest advisories on Hurricane Fabrication.

This is the last weather advisory for the exercise. The Center is closed and the ride-out team is waiting for the storm to pass. You should have evacuated to a safer location or prepared to ride out the storm at home well before impact. Take time today to review your personal plan.

***EXERCISE! EXERCISE*******************