******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************
Hurricane Pretense is currently a major hurricane with winds clocked at around 120 mph. The storm is expected to continue to strengthen as it moves rapidly toward the upper Texas coast. JSC could see tropical storm wind gusts later this morning, and winds will continue to strengthen throughout the day. Regardless of where the storm makes landfall, heavy rain is expected. Severe storms with high rainfall rate and storm surge impacts are likely, and isolated tornadoes are possible.

If the Center were actually facing the simulated impact we expect from Pretense, the Center would be closed to all but essential personnel today. Employees would be told to work with their supervisor and management to determine their work status. Employees may be required to telework even if the Center is closed to all but essential personnel. Center Closure information would have been sent to all employees via email and text from the Agency Emergency Notification System {ENS}.

Note: Closure info will not be sent as part of this exercise, but there will be a test of the ENS tomorrow. Employees are not released from normal duties.

Any Employees working on site today should cover computers in plastic and move items off the floor and raised the blinds in their office before leaving Before leaving site, employees should configure all equipment and systems to minimize adverse effects from a loss of power, as cooling and power may intentionally or inadvertently be shut down {simulation only}. Employees do not need to actually shut down equipment as a part of the exercise, but they should be encouraged to think about how they would configure their office in the event of a storm. 

Employees working from home should plan to take NASA equipment if evacuating the area, or take precautions to protect it if staying.

JSC Center Operations would have declared Hurricane Level 2 {Center Closure Activities} in anticipation of Hurricane Pretense.

Refer to the Facilities Management Operations Division {FMOD} Standard Operating Procedure {SOP} {https://stic.jsc.nasa.gov/dbase/dis/jsc/JSC-66007_2023_FMOD_Hurricane_SOP.pdf} for a full listing of Level 2 tasks.

******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************