******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************

 This message is part of the JSC Hurricane Preparedness Exercise.

 The JSC Office of Management and the Spaceflight Meteorology Group are monitoring a Tropical Depression in the Gulf.

JSC Center Operations has moved to Level 4: Concern in anticipation of impacts from the storm.

Currently, the storm is a Tropical Depression with winds clocked at 30MPH. The storm is expected to strengthen into a Hurricane during the next few days as it moves across the Gulf. The storm will be named Ersatz if it continues to develop as expected. The projected path places landfall to the east of JSC, with onset of tropical storm force winds in our area as early as Thursday.

Center Ops has moved to Hurricane Preparation Level 4 to prepare facilities for potential impacts.

Level 4 preparations require organizations to begin tying down or moving all loose articles inside.

If your organization needs assistance with this task call the Work Control Center at x32038.

(Please utilize your own resources to move articles if possible, and only rely on Work Control if you cannot move something safely.)

Employees working onsite should begin preparing their office space by moving items off the floor and covering equipment not in use.

Note: Employees working from home are NOT required to come onsite to prepare office space. If an employee has particular concerns about their office space, they should contact their supervisor and/or their Facility Manager.

Refer to the Facilities Management Operations Division (FMOD) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For Hurricane Preparation for an explanation of the facilities Preparation Levels and associated tasks.

If you have any questions regarding the FMOD SOP or related tasks, you can contact Gabe Baca.

Remember storms are volatile and conditions may change rapidly. JSC management will continue to monitor the storm and send status updates as necessary.

Weather forecasts and the latest advisory information are posted on www.jscsos.com and contained in a separate email you should receive from the Spaceflight Meteorology Group via the JENS weather application.

 (Note: In a real event, you should expect to receive multiple weather updates each day if tropical weather poses a threat to the Center. For this exercise, we will limit emails to only a few updates each day. Please use the scenario to discuss your organizational preparedness plan.)


******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************