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At 4AM CDT, Friday, Tropical Storm  Fabrication was located at 15.3 N 67.0 W or 2015 miles ESE of JSC, moving WNW at 13 MPH. Maximum sustained winds were 60 MPH.


TS Fabrication is forecast to continue moving on a westerly course over the next two or three days before taking a slight more northwesterly turn late on Sunday.  Fabrication is forecast to landfall on the Yucatan coast late Monday night as a major (category 4) hurricane.  After landfall Fabrication should weaken considerably but there is a good chance Fabrication will cross the Yucatan and emerge into the southern Gulf of Mexico late Tuesday and intensify.  It is too early to predict chances for a Texas landfall but a tropical storm or hurricane in the southern Gulf of Mexico next week looks likely.


Center Management is monitoring the storm, and will continue to do so over the weekend. You will be informed if Facilities enacts their Hurricane Preparation procedures.


Monitor the latest advisories on TS Fabrication.

The next advisory will be issued Monday.


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