JSC Center Operations has declared Hurricane preparation Level 3 (Preparation) in anticipation of Hurricane Façade.

The current forecast and projected path show JSC at risk from Hurricane Façade. Hurricane Façade is currently a Category 1 Hurricane with winds clocked at around 85 mph. The storm is expected to strengthen briefly and then weaken before making landfall Friday evening just north of Corpus Christi. Expected impact to JSC is in approximately 48 hours. Elevated tides and gusty winds expected. Heavy rainfall from the outer bands of the storm are expected to impact the area, and tornados are possible.

Level 3 preparations require all loose articles to be tied down or moved inside.

If your organization needs assistance with this task call the Work Control Center at x32038.

(Please utilize your own resources to move articles, and only rely on Work Control if you cannot move something safely.)

 Employees should move items off the floor and away from the windows, and raise the blinds in their office. Take laptops home when you leave the Center. Take them with you if you evacuate, or be prepared to safeguard them at home if you plan to stay.  

 Refer to the FMOD SOP for Hurricane Preparation for a full listing of Level 3 tasks.

If you have any questions regarding the SOP or related tasks, you can call the Communication Unit leader Ken Chevalier at x33177.

 Configure all equipment and systems to minimize adverse effects from a loss of power, as cooling and power may intentionally or inadvertently be shut down.

Remember storms are volatile and conditions may change rapidly. JSC management will continue to monitor the storm and send status updates as necessary.

 Weather forecasts and the latest advisory information are contained in a separate email you should receive from the Spaceflight Meteorology Group via the JENS (from jsc-smg@nasa.gov) and posted on jscsos.com.