********************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************

Please use the following information to prompt discussion of recovery with your organization.

Consider how you would account for employees and communicate after a storm passes.

In a real event, you would not get a damage report via this distribution. Damage reports will be presented to Senior Staff to share with their organizations.

Center Status updates would be made to www.jscsos.com

Hurricane Quasi is forecast to make landfall around 8 to 10 PM this evening near East Matagorda Bay. The eye of the storm will pass about 70 miles to the SW of JSC . Tropical storm force winds will start at 3PM this afternoon and last until 6AM tomorrow morning, and 60 mph gusts will be measured at JSC around midnight.

There will be periods of heavy rain tonight with some flash flooding onsite.  Total rainfall accumulation at JSC through tomorrow evening will be 8 inches, with totals at EFD and SCTF a bit lower at 7 inches.

 If you would like to discuss specific damage scenarios with your group, it would be quite plausible to have an isolated tornado impact a building or area on site.  

 This is the last email to the EPR distribution regarding the exercise.

There will be an Emergency Notification System (ENS) survey sent later this afternoon to Civil Servants to familiarize them with the survey that would be used to account for NASA personnel after a storm passes. Please encourage personnel in your organization to answer this survey. Contractor personnel would be expected to check in after a storm per their company policy.

 Please provide feedback to the JSC Emergency Manager, Linda Spuler, at linda.m.spuler@nasa.gov.


*************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************