The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory starting at 11AM lasting until 6PM that includes JSC.

The maximum temperature at JSC this afternoon is forecast to be 93 with a heat index between 104 and 106. Areas near JSC and the north and west part of the campus may be a bit hotter.  NASA Ellington Field and Sonny Carter will see a high temperature near 95 and heat index max between 105 and 108.  Cloudiness should inhibit heating slightly compared to yesterday but so far JSC is off to a slightly more humid start.

The max temp at JSC Building 30 yesterday was 95 with a peak heat index of 105 recorded.  JSC set a record warmest minimum temperature yesterday of 83.  So far the minimum today has been 83 which would also set a daily record.  On this date in 2000 JSC Building soared to a temperature of 109 degrees, one of two days in 2000 that set the all time record high at Building 30.  The max temperature at NASA Ellington Field was 98 yesterday.


The NWS issues a Heat Advisory when the heat index >= 108 or the temperature >= 103 F. Please take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside.