Roundup Special: Weather Work Option Reminder

With heavy rains and some unexpected flooding in the JSC vicinity and several weather systems in the Atlantic and Caribbean, we’d like to take a minute to review options if you can’t get to JSC due to weather and provide helpful links for weather-related information.

As always, assess your own situation in the area where you live. If you cannot drive safely into work, please use one of the alternatives available – telework/work from home, dial-in teleconferences, annual leave, etc.  Check in with your supervisor and discuss whether you are able to telework or not given the conditions of your alternate work location (lack of internet, power loss, weather damage or flooding to your home). WebTADS guidance will be issued following a storm for those issued Weather and Safety Leave by their supervisor given unanticipated circumstances that prevent driving to JSC or teleworking safely.

Contractor employees should coordinate with their companies regarding their leave policies.

The East Coast is currently anticipating one or more areas of severe weather impacts within the next several days.  For employees planning travel to those areas, it may be difficult getting into and out and may impact the timeliness and/or availability of flights in other locations.  Please check with your travel arranger or CI Travel for updates.

Again please be careful when driving to and from work. Use caution when driving onto site, especially when near construction zones and low spots where water is known to accumulate. You can always check the JSCSOS website for Center status.  Check road conditions on your route before you leave home. Do not drive into standing water. Above all, be safe!

Helpful Links:

JSC SOS website –

Road Conditions – http://drivetexas,org

Texas Department of Public Safety Flash Flood Tips –

National Hurricane Center –


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