Civil Service employees who are not performing authorized excepted activities are furloughed beginning Wednesday, December 26, 2018, and are unable to work for the duration of the government shutdown, unless recalled for an excepted activity.  Contractor employees should seek guidance from their management regarding authorization to work.

Furlough Status Information:

Center Services available for those civil servants or contractors authorized to work:

  • All gates, buildings and logistic services will be operating on their normal schedule.
  • JSC Child Care Center – normal business operating hours, observing government holidays of Dec. 24, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.  In the event that the shutdown lasts longer than two weeks, the child care center will send out updated information.
  • Vending – Building 1 and 30 Micro Markets will be re-stocked; machines in all other buildings will not be replenished.
  • The Occupational Medicine Clinic will be minimally staffed. Paramedics and ambulance response will be available per the normal emergency response process.  The JSC Flight Medicine Clinic will be open with limited staff and physicians on call
  • EAP – The Employee Assistance Program will remain open and available to employees.  Their office number is 281.483.6130

Service closed for the duration of the shutdown:

  • Building 3 and 11 cafes and gift shops will be closed (ShopNASA on-line is available)

Services continuing on their normal business schedule

  • The Gilruth center will continue on the normal holiday schedule. Visit the Starport website to view the holiday hours.

Space Center Houston will be open to the public and tram tours will continue.

(Originally sent as a JSC Roundup Today Special courtesy of the External Relations Office)