JSC remains open in Stage 3, however, due to flooding in some areas, the Center is supporting unscheduled leave (formerly known as liberal leave) for civil servants during the storm period. Civil servants who believe they need to take leave or adjust their schedule to take leave because of the storm are able to do so by using regular leave time. Contractors should talk to their supervisors for their company’s policy.

On-site employees, including mission critical employees, are not expected to come on site if it is unsafe to travel to the Center. Employees who telework remotely and are not impacted by the storm are expected to continue to telework. Please make adjustments to onsite meetings to enable virtual participation and for virtual meetings, rescheduling as necessary to accommodate those who may be impacted.

While some telework duties do not require an employee to VPN, the instructions to VPN can be found at https://cso.nasa.gov/resources/user-guides-and-tips/.

Employees should monitor the latest advisories on TS Beta’s impact to their area at www.nhc.noaa.gov. Coordinate any special circumstances you might have with your supervisor.

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