As the center continues to operate under Stage 2 of the NASA Response Framework here are some reminders and helpful tips to ensure the safety of the team and the effective continuation of the mission.

Site Access

During Stage 2 of the NASA Response Framework, the center is encouraging telework and trying to limit on-site access. The only people permitted to be on-site during this phase are employees and mission-essential visitors. This means that personal visitors and children cannot be on site during this time.

The center understands that local school districts are closed and asks that you please work with your supervisor on the availability of remote work options in order to navigate child care during this time.

Virtual Meetings

Due to an extremely high demand of NASA’s teleconferencing system, some users are receiving a busy signal when dialing the toll-free number (1-844-467-6272). If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you utilize one of the following options to minimize the impact to your work.

  • Use the toll number to join your meeting: 720-259-6462 (and enter your meeting passcode).
  • Use the calling capability in Microsoft Teams.
  • Use the “call me” function in Webex Meeting Center if your meeting will be held within Webex.
  • If your meeting is with one other participant, call them directly.

Starport Services

  • The Gilruth Center closed effective Saturday, March 14, at 8 p.m. This includes the fitness center, league play, reservations and all other activities at the Gilruth.
  • Building 3 cafĂ© will provide reduced food-service options (operational status will be re-evaluated if center moves to Stage 3).
  • Building 11 food vendors and food trucks are suspended.
  • Buildings 3 and 11 gift shops are closed.

By working together we can limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep each of us safe during this challenging time. Remember to check Roundup Reads, JSCSOS, and NASA People for center updates.

External Relations