The Center Leadership Working Group continues to meet twice a week to discuss the dynamic and evolving COVID-19 situation. Based on the status of our community and surrounding areas, our center is proceeding with normal operations and we are functioning in telework ready mode. Each day employees must take home computers, chargers and any additional materials necessary for teleworking. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, liberal or mandatory telework may become necessary. Employees should speak with their supervisors or contractor management regarding telework eligibility and resources, such as IT equipment.

We know you have health questions and concerns and many of you have reached out to the JSC Clinic. To avoid impacting the JSC Clinic’s daily support role, a dedicated email address has been set up for you to submit your COVID -19 related questions: Medical professionals will monitor this inbox to help answer your questions, but please do not use this email or go to the clinic or EAP offices if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19. Call your primary care physician or an emergency room.

We realize we’re in the midst of spring break, however, we ask that you refrain from bringing your children to work. This step is a precaution to lessen the risk of exposure for everyone onsite and ensure we remain prepared to support the mission. Please work with your individual management to implement alternate solutions to bringing children onsite.

As a reminder, to protect our employees and our mission of human spaceflight:

Access to Buildings 5, 9, 30, NBL and Ellington Field are limited to those who have official business in these facilities.
No tours of Buildings 5, 30 or Ellington Field.
No floor access to Building 9 and the deck of the NBL will be allowed until further notice
No Escort Required Visitor Badge (ERVB) or employee led “official visitor with wristband” tours in offices or the cafeterias.
ERVB tours, wristband tours, Center Director guests, and Space Center Houston guests are only allowed to visit the catwalks of Building 9 and NBL, and the Building 16 SAIL.
Rocket Park and Gilruth are available to the public. Employees should take the same precautions in these areas as they would at other public areas.

Don’t forget to practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently.

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