From the Spaceflight Meteorology Group:
A low level circulation located about 240 miles south southeast of JSC at 4PM CDT Friday is being monitored for possible development into a tropical depression or storm. The National Hurricane Center is giving this area a 60% chance to develop into a TD or TS.

While satellite imagery showed a very obvious circulation in the western Gulf of Mexico the coverage of showers and thunderstorms was low and generally away from the center. The disturbance is moving northwest and expected to make landfall around Matagorda Bay near midnight tonight. Water temperatures are a bit cooler than usually needed for a depression or tropical storm to form near the Texas coast from recent rainfall runoff. There is also only a short amount of time for further development. Even if the system intensifies to a depression or storm the wind field is expected to be rather small. Impacts to JSC are expected to be some breezy 15 to 25 mph winds overnight, 0.8 to 1.8 inches of accumulated rain through Saturday night and some elevated waters in Clear Lake and Galveston Bay (perhaps 1 to 1.5 feet higher than normal tides).