The Office of Emergency Management and the Spaceflight Meteorology Group continue to monitor the tropical weather as it develops. Center Management will meet later today to evaluate the Center readiness for potential impact. You should monitor weather forecasts and formulate your personal plan.

From the Spaceflight Meteorology Group:

At 10AM CDT, Tropical Storm Marco was located at 24.7 N 87.3 W or 585 miles SE of JSC moving NNW at 14 MPH. Maximum sustained winds were 70 MPH.  Marco is forecast to approach southeast Louisiana on Monday, move inland, weaken more and turn to the west northwest. The chance for significant JSC impacts from Marco are lessening.

At 10AM Tropical Storm Laura was located at 19.2N 73.2W or about 1550 miles southeast of JSC.  Laura was moving to the west northwest at 21 mph.  Maximum sustain winds were 50 mph. While the details of the long-range track and intensity forecasts remain uncertain, Laura is forecast to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico and there is an increasing risk of storm surge, rainfall, and wind impacts along portions of the U.S. Gulf Coast by the  middle of the week.  JSC should monitor the progress of Laura closely as we are likely to see a hurricane in the central and northwest Gulf by midweek.

Tropical Weather Info from National Hurricane Center: