Hurricane levels are used to coordinate the preparation of facilities at JSC at a high level in advance of a storm. We move through the following levels of preparation:

  • Level 5 – Readiness – At the beginning of Hurricane season we begin monitoring tropical weather
  • Level 4 – Concern – If there is a storm that may impact JSC, we begin general preparation of the Center
  • Level 3- Preparation – When impacts to JSC become well defined, we start more specific preparations and plan for greater impacts
  • Level 2 – Center Closure and Rideout
  • Level 1 – Impact and Recovery Begins after a storm

Your organization may need to start preparations earlier to protect more sensitive assets.  The EPRs for your organization should forward the level change information to the people who need to prepare for the hurricane.  Center Preparation levels may not be the best guide to use for your personal preparation, so monitor weather and news for the latest storm updates.