From the Spaceflight Meteorology Group:

At 10AM CDT on Tuesday, September 22nd, the center of now Tropical Depression Beta  was located at 28.9 N 96.7 W or 105 miles SW of JSC, moving ENE at 2 MPH. Maximum sustained winds were 35 MPH.

TD Beta should continue the ENE drift today gradually turning more northeasterly picking up a little more speed late tonight.  By Wednesday evening Beta should be well clear of JSC.

In the short term, rain bands have shift a bit north of JSC so we should see a gap for several hours.  New inflow rain bands may form and move in late this afternoon at JSC.  Showers do not look as vigorous today with lower cloud tops.  Rain rates have been a bit less than yesterday as well; nevertheless, some heavy rainfall is again likely at times through tomorrow afternoon.  An additional 3 to 5 inches through tomorrow afternoon is likely with some isolated totals nearby of 5 to 10 inches.  Rainfall from the Clear Creek basin will have to flow out through Clear Lake and water levels should remain elevated.  Impacts to JSC property should be limited to the creek running out into Clear Lake and should be minimal.