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 JSC Center Operations have declared Hurricane Level 2 (Center CLOSURE Activities) in anticipation of Hurricane Fabrication. The Center will close at noon today and the Rideout team will assemble to finish preparing the Center and ride out the storm.

 The Center will be open to personnel this morning to safe equipment. If this were a real event, Center Closure information would be sent to all employees.

 The storm drifted westward so the current forecast and projected path show JSC at risk from Hurricane Fabrication. Expected impact to JSC is in approximately 24 hours.

Hurricane Fabrication is currently expected to strengthen into a Category 4 Hurricane before weakening and making landfall as a strong Category 2. Although the storm is small, and projected to hit west of the Center, JSC can expect to see high tropical force storm winds with some hurricane force gusts. Storm surge near JSC is expected to be minimal, given the size and speed of the storm, but low lying areas will flood, and water will most likely cover NASA Parkway near the Hilton. Some tornadoes are possible.

 Employees should cover computers in plastic, move items off the floor and raise the blinds in their office before leaving.

 Refer to the FMOD SOP for Hurricane Preparation (https://centerops.jsc.nasa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2019-FMOD-Hurricane-Plan.pdf) for a full listing of Level 2 tasks.

If you have any questions regarding the SOP or related tasks, you can call the Communication Unit leader Ken Chevalier at x33177.

 Configure all equipment and systems to minimize adverse effects from a loss of power, as cooling and power may intentionally or inadvertently be shut down.

Remember storms are volatile and conditions may change rapidly. JSC management will continue to monitor the storm and send status updates as necessary.

Check www.jscsos.com or the Employee Information line at 877.283.1947 for current Center status.


Weather forecasts after closure will be posted at www.jscsos.com


******************************************THIS IS AN EXERCISE******************************************