JSC is feeling the impact from Hurricane Facade:

The entire area is seeing significant flooding from storm surge.

Water is encroaching the buildings between Avenue C and NASA Road 1.

Buildings in the 200 area are flooded. The NBL is also flooded.

There is considerable damage to trees on-site, and debris on the roads. There are many windows broken onsite, and one of the streetlights on Avenue B is down. Roofs across site show signs of damage, and several buildings have significant leaks.

Hangars at Ellington have signifcant damage from winds.

Power is out at JSC, SCTF, and EF.

Between 10 to 12 inches of rainfall is possible from Friday through Saturday evening in addition to the storm surge, so flooding is expected to get worse.

Take time to talk with your organization about what you would do if your facility lost power, suffered significant wind damage, was flooded, or had water coming in from broken windows and/or a leaking roof. 

Take time to make a plan to protect yourself at home. 

This will be the last exercise message for Hurricane Facade.

Thank you for participating in the exercise.