JSC will be open to MISSION ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL ONLY through the end of the business day. Employees should telework if they are able. (Check your email for details.)

For employees without power, Starport will make the Gilruth available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. so employees and their families within the same household may shower, charge devices, and/or use the internet. (Please be sure to bring your own chargers/cords.)

Center Status updates will be posted onĀ www.jscsos.com. Messages may also be sent via the Emergency Notification System (ENS) and the NASA SAFE mobile app.

Your safety is the first priority. Monitor local weather and check road and traffic conditions before travel. Essential personnel should take extreme caution when reporting to site as there may be debris on roads and walkways. Unknown hazards may exist in buildings.