The Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the potential for tropical development in the Gulf.

The latest from the National Weather Service:

-The forecast models today have become more consistent with a LA landfall with whatever evolves over the northern Gulf of Mexico during the next couple of days.
– This would likely be in the form of a tropical storm or hurricane Saturday.
– We are not out of the woods, although these trends would lessen the potential impacts on southeast TX.  As quickly as the solutions converged on LA today, they could change and shift the track east over the next few days as the system actually takes shape over the water.
– All this is being driven by forecast models at this time, so uncertainty remains quite high.
– Recon flight(s) are scheduled for tomorrow, if necessary.
– Pay close attention and be ready to take hurricane actions if needed later this week, if you haven’t started already.  If something forms, it will be within a few days of landfall.  There will not be a lot of advance lead time with a system like this.