The Spaceflight Meteorology Group and Office of Emergency Management are monitoring several areas of interest in the Atlantic.

Most notably for our area, Tropical Depression 14 formed in the central Caribbean Sea this morning near 15.1 N 79.7 W or about 1385 miles southeast of JSC. TD 14 was moving west at 21 mph  Maximum sustained winds were near 35 MPH.

TD 14 is forecast to strengthen to a tropical storm and make landfall on the Yucatan coast in Mexico on Saturday.  TD 14 should emerge into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.  The current National Hurricane Center forecast has JSC in the 5 day cone.  Some slow strengthening is anticipated over the Gulf early next week but it is too soon to know exactly how strong it will get or the location and magnitude of impacts.  The JSC community should continue monitoring the progress of the system over the next few days.

Tropical Weather Info from National Hurricane Center: