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February 15, 2018

Water Leak in B20

A valve leaked in Building 20, and there is water on the first floor on the northwest side of the building. Crews have been dispatched to safe the leak and... More »

February 9, 2018

JSC is Open For Normal Operations

Congress came to an agreement, and the brief government shutdown is over. NASA is funded and open for normal operations. More »

February 6, 2018

Information about Another Potential Furlough

To All JSC Civil Servants: The Center plans to operate in the usual Flex Friday (weekend mode) on Friday, February 9, 2018. Should a lapse in appropriation occur Thursday evening,... More »

January 22, 2018

JSC is Open

The President has signed a Continuing Resolution funding government operations through February 8th. The legislation signed by the President also included provisions to ensure that employees furloughed during the lapse... More »

January 22, 2018

JSC Today Special: Information for the Government Shutdown

JSC Special: Information for the Government Shutdown There has been a lapse in Government funding leading to a Government shutdown. As a required part of a shutdown, employees who will... More »

January 22, 2018

JSC is Closed Due to Government Shutdown

Annual funding for the government expired on January 19, 2018.  In the absence of either a Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 appropriation, or a continuing resolution, NASA may incur no further... More »

January 19, 2018

Second Street is Open

Centerpoint crews are working on the scene  and Second Street is now open. More »

January 19, 2018

Traffic Diverted on Second Street

Traffic is blocked on Second Street between Avenues B and C.  Avenues B and C are open, but traffic cannot go through on Second Street. Emergency crews are on scene... More »

January 18, 2018

JSC is Open

JSC is open and conducting normal operations. More »

January 17, 2018

JSC Will Remain Closed Until Thursday

JSC, Ellington Field, and the SCTF  will remained closed to all but mission essential personnel until  tomorrow, Thursday January 18th.  Roads conditions throughout the area are still dangerous, although they... More »